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10 Sentences with Muddled Meanings Made Clear

10 Sentences with Muddled Meanings Made Clear 10 Sentences with Muddled Meanings Made Clear 10 Sentences with Muddled Meanings Made Clear By Mark Nichol One of my mottos is â€Å"Mean what you say, and say what you mean.† I try to write by the same standards, but it’s harder than it looks. What appears to be a reasonable sentence often isn’t and â€Å"I understand what the writer meant to write† is a poor excuse for â€Å"I understand what the writer wrote.† Here are some examples of how to make an almost-right statement a right statement: 1. â€Å"The colonists were eager to surround themselves with the gardens of their homeland.† This sentence implies that the colonists excavated the gardens in their homeland and deposited them in their new environs. Here’s the intended meaning: â€Å"The colonists were eager to surround themselves with gardens reminiscent of those in their homeland.† 2. â€Å"The amount of water pumped from the reservoir reached a seemingly impossible peak of half a million acre-feet.† Peak is an awkward analogical term when referring to water volume. A more semantically neutral description is called for: â€Å"The amount of water pumped from the reservoir reached a seemingly impossible maximum output of half a million acre-feet.† 3. â€Å"We visited a Polish concentration camp.† The writer states an impossibility: Poland never established concentration camps. What is true is that Nazi Germany established concentration camps in Poland. Superficially speaking, the difference is subtle, but the insensitivity of the inadvertent error is profound. To be accurate, write, â€Å"We visited a concentration camp in Poland.† 4. â€Å"The opposite pole with respect to availability is represented by Poland.† While we’re in Poland, let’s note the distracting use of pole, which when capitalized refers to a person from Poland, in a sentence about that nation. In addition to omitting the distraction, let’s make the sentence active: â€Å"Poland represents the other extreme on the spectrum of availability.† 5. â€Å"The 275-square-mile tropical island off the southern end of the Malay Peninsula is smaller than New York City and every other country in southeast Asia.† The phrase â€Å"New York City and every other country† implies that the Big Apple is located in southeast Asia. Here’s what the writer meant: â€Å"The 275-square-mile tropical island off the southern end of the Malay Peninsula, dwarfed by every other country in southeast Asia, is smaller than New York City.† 6. â€Å"Another report with thirty-two in-depth interviews has shown that all participants support the procedure.† Unless both reports in question were based on thirty-two in-depth interviews, the sentence should be slightly revised to indicate otherwise: â€Å"Another report, with thirty-two in-depth interviews, has shown that all participants support the procedure.† 7. â€Å"One group of countries (Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Mexico, New Caledonia, and Puerto Rico) does not permit adoption by homosexual couples but does permit single people to adopt.† The phrase â€Å"one group of countries† incorrectly implies that they act in concert to prohibit adoption by homosexual couples. Omit the troublesome phrase and start with the list: â€Å"Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Mexico, New Caledonia, and Puerto Rico do not permit adoption by homosexual couples but do permit single people to adopt.† 8. â€Å"The United States was right in interning the Japanese, and maybe it should happen again.† This sentence, part of a discussion about dealing with terrorism practiced by Islamic extremists, isn’t meant to propose that people of Japanese ancestry in the United States should be interned in response to the terrorist attacks, but that’s what it says. The statement should be revised to convey that the reference to the Japanese is an analogy: â€Å"The United States was right in interning the Japanese, and maybe a similar strategy should be employed again.† 9. â€Å"Many Americans seem resigned to the notion that agriculture and big industries require a ton of water, and there’s not much we can do to change that.† This sentence, out of context, has an almost invisible error. The point is not that altering the notion is seemingly insurmountable; it’s that Big Business’s supposedly insatiable need for water is part of the notion: â€Å"Many Americans seem resigned to the notion that agriculture and big industries require a ton of water and that there’s not much we can do to change that.† 10. â€Å"If you havent been there, it is one of the greatest and most civilized places on Earth.† This subtle error is of a type called a false conditional; when read literally, it implies that if, and only if, you haven’t visited a certain country, it can claim to be what the sentence conveys about it. (Isn’t that faintly insulting to you?) The intended meaning follows: â€Å"If you haven’t been there, you should go, because it is one of the greatest and most civilized places on Earth.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! 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Asian people taking on non-typical or roles they are not characterized Essay

Asian people taking on non-typical or roles they are not characterized to in British cinema - Essay Example And that is what is the Asian Artists in England are aiming for; to craft their story and the performance in such a way that it entertains and touches the heart of the English community as much as it does of the Asian people. Asian directors are doing their best to bid for the mainstream. The year was 1986. A movie called ‘My beautiful Laundrette’ was released. Scripted by writer from Asian origin, Hanif Kureishi, the movie tells a story of the Asian community living in London [1]. It proved to be a commercially successful movie and gave inspiration to the upcoming Asian artists in England a hope to confidently launch their career move thinking that ‘mainstream’ is not out of their reach ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg. 49). help of his school friend Johnny, turns around the business of laundry. The story has all the issues that try to portray the Asian community like homosexuality , rebellious women, religious pressure, and an effort to adjust with the different culture. ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg..pg84). It talked about what was happening at that time with Asian origin people and how they were trying to break from the barriers of tradition by choosing to live the life of their own and taking their own decisions. ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg. 85). The film got a mixed response. Although it was received well by the audience, it was also criticized by some Asian audience and the critics saying that it misrepresented the Asian community and has given a negative shade to the Asian people ((Korte and Sternber ,2004. pg..85). But one thing was certain, the film of Asian origin got the entry in the ‘mainstream’. However, for the Asian artists, there was still long way to go and many

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Global plan strategy Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Global plan strategy - Research Paper Example Strategizing is always considered to be the most appropriate way for new businesses to go about daily operation, hence the need for this paper. Introduction It is estimated that about 83% of adults in the United States of America take coffee. According to this figure, U.S remains the world major consumer of coffee. According to a New York-based group, 63% of adults consume coffee on a daily basis compared to 65% annually. Daily intake of gourmet-coffee remains stiff with about 31% of the total users as compared to other brands whose intake fell drastically; this is according a New York based research company. Arabica-coffee prices have dropped in New York with a margin of 5.8% recently, while in London, Robusta prices have gained almost 12% (FAO p64). Arabica is mainly found in Latin America and manufactured by giant companies such as Starbucks and McDonald. Robusta Beans, majorly used in instant coffee are widely cultivated in Asia and some parts of Africa. Brazil has posed to be th e second largest consumer after U.S.A, trailed by Germany as per the International Coffee Organization which is based in London. These are some of facts and figures that lured Dorato partners to initiate the business. With these challenging financial periods, it is appropriate for the company to strategize to avoid flopping in the event of their operations. Firm Analysis Company overview: Dorato was founded in the year 2012 after top investors who are the main financers agreed to partner in order to come up with the coffee business. Dorato is meant to provide coffee beverages in and outside U.S. The firm has received it funds through major donations from friends, at the same time the partners have used their assets to acquire loans from various financial institutions in the United States. Management philosophy: Quality in products and services to customers and staff members is Dorato’s top priority. Dorato believes that increased quality production and services gained from th e staff members is expedited by a conducive working environment. An environment that appreciates good work performance, flexible, prize fairness encourages free communication and respecting the views of individuals. This optimizes Dorato staff’s performance and health. Self-esteem to attain excellence maximizes especially when the staff members are handled with trust, decency and respect. Quality in Performance: - Dorato has an interest for tracking its mission to improve coffee selling as a business and profession and as a way of promoting farming, uptake of coffee, good business practices and culture. This passion is shown by workers’ perseverance, patience and dedication to advancing coffee uptake. Dorato managers are always available to provide assistance to staff; this is achieved by setting achievable goals, schedules and timetables for its goods and services and inspires staff members to be responsible as a result of its products and services integrity. Excellen t Customer Services: - Dorato strongly believes in its customers and value of relationships, both internally and externally. To satisfy customers, Dorato management

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Street Racing Essay Example for Free

Street Racing Essay Now lets talk about a 15-17 year old kid who does not have the best judgment and make a traffic mistake, or a 17-25 year old who also makes a mistake, but should those traffic mistakes make him or her a convicted felon. Street racing goes on all over the U. S. and is so underground right now that you would not know it is even going on. We raced on the NEWS one mile from the police station. The news reporters had been at that same police station the night before interviewing the cops and the cops said they did not have a street race problem in their town, or one that they knew off. San Diego has even told the mayor it worked for them with Qualcomm Race Legal Program, but the mayor already knows that caused it worked here first with T. I. They put all these new laws into effect and this months street racing incidents have gone up with deadly results. The laws were ineffective. The Harbor Commission is all about the money, they got billions from China to land fill the area and increase the Harbor to make more land but failed to include a spot for the track, but on the other side of the harbor there is 2 vacant lots that has been sitting there for 9 years+ that could hold a track. Willie has told the mayor he could be up and running in a matter of weeks, it was up to the mayor to give him the OK. So the mayor has assigned someone from his office to work with Willie and to go over the land site. As Willie said to the mayor, there is nothing to go over I am ready to get started. But it is still the mayors call so we wait and keep calling his office and asking when is Terminal Island going to open? A soon as Terminal Island closed, San Fernando Rd in the SFV got busy, Compton and Main got busy, Alameda and Del Amo in Carson got busy, 4 lanes in City of Industry got busy (1 mile from the police station) Santa Ana Rd in Ontario got busy, Sand Canyon Rd in Irvine got busy, Nabisco in Buena Park got busy, The Box Factory in Whittier got busy, Aviation Rd near LAX got busy, Edwards in Anaheim got busy, Dale Rd and Commonwealth behind Fullerton Airport got busy, 210 frwy in San Dimas got busy (before they finished it), Bolsa Chica and Westmister Bl in Seal Beach got busy. Bolsa Chica and Bolsa near Skylab Rd in Huntington Beach got busy (Yeah NASA and again a police station a couple miles away). And there is a lot I am sure I missed, and not to worry about rat-ing out these sites, major busts happen at most of these places, and others dont exist any more, but after T. I. shut down street racing exploded again, and is still going on. That is Terminal Islands track we are talking about, it was a street racers track, if you look at the cars in the staging lanes, the street cars out number the full race cars in the evening hours. During the day the race cars would use the track, during the night the street racers used the track. When T. I. (Terminal Island) was open, street racing in Los Angeles, San Fernando, Ontario, Riverside and Orange County areas were down to null. Its city politics that keep them from opening it back up, they would rather spend millions on a street racer task force then the track. Why? Well, the task force is paid by the federal government, so the extra cops dont show on the city budget and they use these cops for other things including drug busts. In drunk driving (as many people will know) the drunk usually goes home in cuffs with a few scratches while the other cars passengers families are notified by an officer in the middle of the night. Sources: www. madd. org and www. NHRA. com The street racers I know do not condone street racing, but they do street race. It is more orginized but still just as dangerous and illegal. The street racers that make the news are the ones getting killed/or killing someone racing from stop light to stop light. I think it is a normal reaction when you are young to answer the challenge even if you are not a street racer. We had a solution it was Terminal Island. Now San Deigo had took the same steps and started Quailcom. They gave an alternitive to street racing, a place to answer the challenge. Here is how the did it. With funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety, both RaceLegal. com and San Diego Police Departments Drag Net Unit were formed with the express intention of addressing San Diegos epidemic of illegal street racing activity. A grass root community based coalition entitled the Closing the Loop approach to intervention was also developed. The coalition involved city/county government, law enforcement, Bureau of Automotive Repair, Superior Court, City Attorney, District Attorney, county probation and the safer and sanctioned track alternative to street RaceLegal. com. The award-winning program to redirect would-be street racers into organized drag racing. RaceLegal has a grant of $350,000 from the California Office of Traffic Safety. With funding from the California Office of Traffic Safety, both RaceLegal. om and San Diego Police Departments Drag Net Unit were formed with the express intention of addressing San Diegos epidemic of illegal street racing activity. A grass root community based coalition entitled the Closing the Loop approach to intervention was also developed. The coalition involved city/county government, law enforcement, Bureau of Automotive Repair, Superior Court, City Attorney, District A ttorney, county probation and the safer and sanctioned track alternative to street. The highly successful RaceLegal program hosts Friday night runs at Qualcomm Stadium. Through the middle of 2003, RaceLegal was run out of a San Diego State University program founded by Dr. Stephen Bender. When Bender decided to retire, he also decided to shift the program from the control of San Diego State to the city of San Diegos Traffic Division. Our purpose in this paper is to inform people of what is going on in So Cal. Things start here, positive or negitive, and end up spreading like a cancer to other states. Dragracing claims to have started on the West Coast. So Cal had more Dragstrips than anywhere else, and then for a while there were none, all were closing. A new interest in dragracing has developed today and more tracks are starting to open up again. One track in particular is Terminal Islands Brotherhood Raceway, whose purpose was to get street racers off the street, and did it effectively for many years. City ** politics closed it down 11 times, and it is on its 12th time of reopening again, after 13 years of being closed. There are many naysayers out there, but if this track serves as an example as how not to give up, and a track in another part of the country opens up, well, that would make it worth while to post it. Sorry there is a lot of rhetoric, but many are posts from other forums and re-posted threads that may not make as much sense if edited. Many members of the Brotherhood of Street racers from as far back as the 70s have moved all over the country. They were a part of history and like to have the heads up on current activity with the Brotherhood. This is just some history of what has been going on and how many people have helped from the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department, Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles city coincil members, to the Mayor of Los Angeles to name a few. We are even getting a little help from Teamsters and residents of the various streets that are being used as race tracks. I wish I was a writer and could make it more clear, but Im not, and it its very raw but very real. All constuctive criticisim is welcomed. I have reuinited with many street racers through many forums, cause car guys are car guys, even if they are into different cars, different types of racing, or just into cruising. At Brotherhood Raceway all were welcome and all got along. It was a place were the head of the notorious Crips gang got along with a head engineer from Genral Motors. Jim Wagner, head advertising from Pontiac fequented the track to name a few. ) Stop the violence, increase the peace. -Big Willie Robinson. In the Los Angeles area we have experienced many street racing deaths since a certain track that was located in the Habor of Los Angeles was closed. For ten years now, Big Willie has been fighting to get this historic track reopened. It has closed dow n 11 times in 30 years and now, today it looks like it will reopen before summer or even before next month. The reason this track is different is that it opens on Friday evening and does not close till Monday morning. Many street racers have trouble getting to the track after work and then being frustrated with only getting only one or two runs before the track closes. 2nd many street race cars do not pass NHRA tech. So they go and race on the street. This track is a street racer track. Nobody is turn away, but NHRA rules are suggested and in the long run most racers start to value their lives and start adding the safety equipment. On the street no matter how mush saftey equipment you have, it is no match for a telephone pole. Trying to get this track open is a lot of work from a lot of people, I, myself, have been to many meetings on the streets with different groups, and am attending Nieghborhood Watch meetings plus working a job, so sometimes I dont have the time to post an original post, so I post what has been posted on other boards to try to inform people on what is currentlly going on with the openinng of Terminal Islands Brotherhoood Raceway.

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French Revolution Essay -- essays research papers fc

Why was there a French Revolution? Between, 1789  ¡V 1799, many events occurred in France that caused an outbreak within the people thus leading to a revolution. This culminated in the France becoming a democratic government. This essay will argue that the resentment of absolute government, financial difficulties, the famine, rise of philosophes and the ongoing feud between the estates are all the major causes of why there was a revolution in France. Firstly before going into the topic, the word  ¡Ã‚ §revolution ¡Ã‚ ¨ must be defined.  ¡Ã‚ §A revolution is a relatively sudden and absolutely huge change. This may be a change in the social or political institutions over a relatively short period of time, or a major change in its culture or economy . ¡Ã‚ ¨ In eighteenth-century France, as we have seen, the philosophes came forward and gave their views, which were taken seriously by the public. The views of the philosophes contrasted from teaching maths to teaching about how the world was created. France was in desperate need for help with the country in deep financial trouble and much controversy over the monarchy yet the philosophes were anything but revolutionaries, as they never tried to force one . This is because they did not intend to create harm but to give the people French new ideas on topics. The enlightenment was an intellectual establishment . Diderot's Encyclopedia, banned in the 1750s, was reprinted in a less expensive format with government approval in the 1770s. Among the younger generation, the great cultural hero was Rousseau whose Confessions caused a sensation within the public and changed their minds to free thinking by writing books that were very appealing to the people. These books taught people of different ideas. From this, we can see the beliefs of the philosophes were a main factor in the cause of the French revolution. Eighteenth century France was an absolute monarchy , mainly because of the effort of Louis XIV. The French king had absolute control over all aspects of French political, social, and economic structures. The Estates General, which was a representative institution in that it was composed of representatives from each of the Three Estates, was the only voice the people of France had ever had. The king could do whatever he wanted without being asked as the punishments were severe if anyone complained. An example is the change of the r... ...sentment of absolute government, financial difficulties, the famine, rise of philosophes and the ongoing feud between the estates which all culminated in France having a revolution and becoming a democratic government. Bibliography „h; accessed on 19/4/05, 17/4/05, Title The French Revolution: The Moderate Stage, 1789-1792; author  ¡V Steven Kreis „h; accessed on 12/4/05, Title - Causes and Effects of the French Revolution, author unknown „h; accessed on 16/4/05; Title - The Causes of the French Revolution; author - unknown „h; accessed on 19/4/05, 17/4/05, Title The French Revolution: The Radical Stage, 1792-1794, author  ¡V Steven Kreis „h accessed on 17/4/05, 18/4/05; Title  ¡V The French Revolution; Author - David W. Koeller „h Encyclopedia Americana volume 12; accessed on 15/4/05, Published in New York, Published in 1970; Title  ¡V French Revolution; Author - Unknown

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Frederick Douglass: On Anti-Slavery Essay

Frederick Douglass—the famous icon on the context of ‘classic slave autobiography’ is considerably an eloquent writer which in essence recounts his claim to fame as that who issued the â€Å"powerlessness resulting form the social appropriation of discourse. † Born on the month of February in the year 1818 at Near Easton, Maryland, his works and admirable finesse has been recognized as the heroic act of being a slave towards being an anti-slavery leader. At age of twenty, he was able to get off the leash of slavery and pursued with his aim to thoroughly expunge the radical schema of slavery through writing articles and other forms of documentation such as The Liberator; and thoroughly escaped the wrath of slavery at age thirty in the year 1838. Further, this Garrison writer also managed to write a book under his memoir entitled Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave in the midst of year 1845 and gained numerous awards and took the limelight stage due to his eloquence and intellectual fortitude as a speaker on anti-slavery movements. Not only is he good in the field of public speaking, but he also managed to take a formidable seat through lecturing and spreading out his determination to achieve â€Å"freedom† through explicitly exposing himself and truth for the purpose of campaigning for the â€Å"rights of women, and participations on Seneca Falls Convention, and advocacy in the Republican Party. † As a matter of fact, he also helped in recruiting African Americans in enlisting in the Union army—for the fight against slavery—and even advising the most influential president, Abraham Lincoln, to support him in his endeavors. All of these, in the streamline of history and of literature have nevertheless paid off worthy enough. Interview with Frederick Douglass How does it feel to be famous and world-renowned? Good day to you and to our viewers. Well, I knew you would ask me that question since in my own experience, which is perhaps the legendary question which most of my interviewers consider as the â€Å"opening remark† per se. I could not feel anything more than happiness to take it to assumption that I am considerably renowned and labeled as one of those who are legendary and has made a difference in the world or on the context of slavery. Of course, like all the other public icons and heroes as far as history and literature is concerned makes me feel that I am in one point or another a blessed individual for having been given the gift of courage and eloquence. It may be hard, in some point, since there will always be â€Å"critics who are after pulling down your reputation† for reasons which I consequently define as lame. I mean like, after all the hard work I have done and with the support of the testimonies of those who were able to witness and experience the heroic act that I have made, they always try to pull me down. I don’t know why they are utterly absurd, but I guess that is how â€Å"fame† is actually established—to be talked about and to be criticized. Nevertheless, a person would not be considered famous if his or her name does not often linger on the media, press, or on critics for that instance. (Gerteis, p. 1448) Is it true that Haitis were opposed to mixed men? We are all aware that the Haitians have always been those who are aloof amongst other people or on other race. Well, it came to a point that they specifically hate individuals with â€Å"mixed citizenship†Ã¢â‚¬â€which as you can see includes me—and therefore, I became one of those who were always stalked by these people and sometimes, whenever they get the ample chance, they get to serve their wrath against me. I never really considered it as a threat, since I always thought that every race and every culture have diverse beliefs. â€Å"These beliefs, however, are manifested by historical events or simply a tradition inculcated by their forefathers†Ã¢â‚¬â€and believe me, when tradition or belief is at stake, trying to change it is like pulling a trigger on your head. (Douglass, p. 5) Why did you decide to revolt against slavery despite the â€Å"risk† that it contains? Initially, as a boy at age 20, I was one of those who were hiding from the closet for every explosion, which I may possibly hear. But then, there was this inner sense of â€Å"hatred† which I fervently feel to be a form of evil—inequity is one—and â€Å"to treat me and my people as slaves by individuals who are humans like us, stepping on the same ground, that is reason enough not to let them do their wrong doing. † It is a disgrace to humanity and I would not want my children to experience that kind of agony in the future. (Lee, p. 51) How would you define slavery in America? â€Å"American History often stresses the point of slavery and racial discrimination. † For that certain fact, it has made black Americans hungry for freedom that their way of being heard was through the use of pen by literature, or worse, in the realm of a bloody war. Plenty of truth bares the inequity behind the perceptions of asymmetrical treatment. There is this novel which formidably shattered my world apart. Anger, Betrayal, a feeling of Invisibility – all of which horrified the pitiful young man in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, which continuously puzzle readers in scouring for the Nigger’s name. Perhaps it was better way off that way then, or else the name would also dignify the unfortunate fate encountered by the man in the novel. As for the invisible man, the story of his life, though he had felt, experienced and had been a witness of the biases in color, portrayed a perfect representation of the blacks stern personality and braveness, living with their belief that all men are created equal. The mentioned outward appearance of treatment must be expunged and totally be erased in the rationality of mankind, or rather have those antagonists be called white poisonous serpents eaten with selfish pride again (Breidlid). I and my men were treated like the invisible man himself, and I believe that no one would want to live in that kind of disposition in life. Please tell me something about the Douglass-Garrison Conflict, its nature? From the founding of the American Anti-Slavery Society in the year 1833, abolitionism has been marred by constant intra-group disagreements. Within seven years, ‘the movement split itself into two camps; one was headed by William Lloyd Garrison, while the other has been spearheaded by public personalities namely, Tappans, James G. Birney, Gerrit Smith and Joshua Leavitt. ’ However, ten years after, those camp escapades, another schism occurred which eventually involved two groups which are piously clashing in perspectives with regard to the imposition of anti-slavery activities. In this point of time, the feud took place under my jurisdiction and William Lloyd Garrison’s. (Tyrone Tillery) When did you thoroughly say that you were â€Å"free† at last? My free life began sometime in September, 1838. Thus, the exultant joy resulting from this gradually fascinating status was short-lived only. In the most frustrating connotation, the moment I reached New York—just when I thought I was already away from the rage of slavery—it was surprising to realize that their power also reached the city. By then, I told myself: â€Å"no man would ever have the right to call himself slave, or assert mastery over him,† I sought refuge with the new environment where, sad as it may seem, even people same as my color would betray me over the tingle of a few dollar. (Frederick Douglass) Do you think there were also other people who suffered the same agony as that of yours? Captivating stories had been written to inspire readers instead of lingering the unfortunate fate of those who failed to survive in the war. An example for this, is a brave black American woman in the name of Fannie Lou Hamer, a woman armed with hope to eradicate a form of juxtapose deprivation against what she believed to be elements of privilege in her own very limited environment was painstakingly given to her and of her family, an implication which states that Black Americans do not allow themselves to be treated like slaves by others (Lee). Along with her bravery as indulged by other authors were The Scottsboro Boys, Joe Louis, Richard Wright and Sterling Brown. When the war has commenced, ‘children and women had to leave their homes for safety and let their fathers or any man in their family risk their lives to battle’. Guns and explosives were seen everywhere. The flag was raised symbolizing that they are ready to face the doom of death. Children were ranting and women were hearing voices. They became afraid of coming out. (Lee, p. 56) What would be your last words for the raging experience that you have had before? It was not easy; it was facing death while being alive. It seemed as if we were to lose everything that we have worked for, everything that we have sown for our children, and for the coming generations of our offspring. Our ‘economy became stagnant’, and serenity was about to be crushed into pieces. But it was a fire, ignited with hope’s flame. It was to shed blood or to be slaves; to remain free or to be chained. I now serve as a living legacy to those who enjoy the freedom the mighty indigent heroes have fought for. (Chesebrough, p. 49) Works Cited Breidlid, A. American Culture: Texts on Civilization. 1st ed. New York: Routledge, 1996. Chesebrough, David B. Frederick Douglass: Oratory from Slavery. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998. Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. New York: Prestwick House Inc. , 2004.

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Case Study£ºmacmillan and Grunski Consulting - 3589 Words

Introductory Overview The group project, Macmillan and Grunski Consulting, consists of two sections. The first part explains the case about discounted cash flow analysis, by answering the given nine questions. The second part discusses the retirement planning. #61607; Case Study Sandra Macmillan, one of the founders of Macmillan and Grunski Consulting which provides financial planning services, is now giving a short project to Mary Somkin, the firm ¡Ã‚ ¯s top secretary. If she can successfully demonstrate her ability and skill of discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis, one of the most important concepts in financial planning, she can expand her role in the firm and broaden her job opportunity. The project was an actual analysis for†¦show more content†¦b) c) With a same $18,000 investment, in order to earn $35,000 after 6 years, how the nominal interest rates of the First National Bank differ if coumpounded annually, semiannually, quarterly and daily? Known factors Solution: iN= n*[(FV/PV)not;1/(n*6) - 1] FV=$35,000 PV=$18,000 N=6 year Sub-Question n= Compounding frequency: a) 1 (Annual) EAR = ($35,000/$18,000)not;1/6 - 1=11.72% b) 2 (Semiannual) EAR =2* [($35,000/$18,000)not;1/(2*6) - 1]=11.40% 4 (Quarterly) EAR = 4*[($35,000/$18,000)not;1/(4*6) - 1]=11.24%% 365 (Daily) EAR = 365*[($35,000/$18,000)not;1/(365*6) - 1]=11.08% Implication: with same other factors, the nearer compounding frequency to + ¡ÃƒÅ¾, the smaller change in interest rate. Big difference occurs when nominal interate rates are compounded annually and quarterly. Question 5 Ordinary annuity The option mentioned in Q4 is to make one initial investment at the beginning of Year 1. The alternative to be discussed in question 5 is different. (a) According to this new plan, the investment is divided into six equal installment paid annually. As the equal payments are made at each period, this type of investment is regarded as an Ordinary Annuity. (b)(c) In these two questions, the interest is compounded